Industry Overview – Masonry Contractors

Masonry contractors are trained professionals who generally perform a range of operations related to building and repairing walkways, walls and other structures out of bricks, blocks, concrete and stone. They may provide residential or commercial services and conduct their work in a variety of settings, such as office spaces and customers’ homes or businesses. Common tasks among masonry contractors include reviewing blueprints or related drawings to determine the materials necessary for projects and ensure compliance with applicable building codes; creating patterns, forms and foundations according to plans; breaking or cutting materials to establish correct sizes; mixing, spreading and cleaning up mortar or grout on slabs or foundations; constructing masonry walls; aligning structures with levels and plumbs; polishing surfaces with hand and power tools; filling expansion joints with caulking materials; and installing rainscreen water systems. Masonry contractors have a number of risks to consider, including property concerns, employee safety issues and liability exposures. As such, it’s crucial that they protect both themselves and their operations against possible losses by securing proper insurance. Download this resource for an outline of common exposures within the masonry industry and associated coverage consideration.