Protection of our insured’s business and personal assets is the primary function of insurance. At SCS, we become your partner allowing you to run your business while we follow through on your claim. We are determined to provide our clients with the assistance and guidance needed to handle the processing of claims. Below are tools and applications to assist you in the immediate reporting of claims.


Automobile Claims

Auto Accident Fact Kit: Our auto accident fact kit is a valuable tool to keep in your vehicles. It will assist your driver in the event of an automobile accident. Keep it in the glove compartment at all times for a quick reference in any automobile emergency.


Motor Vehicle

Motor Vehicle: This form is the New York State Dept. of Motor Vehicles Report accident report. Kindly have the driver complete the entire form, paying particular attention to the “how did the accident happen?” portion.


Property Claims

Disability Claim form DB450

Property Loss Notice: Commercial or Personal property claims can be promptly reported with the information on the Property Loss Notice. An Emergency Tips information sheet is attached for your convenience, as a quick reference tool.


Liability Claims

Liability Loss Notice: Liability Loss Notice: A General Liability Claim Report form will provide you with guidelines for providing data which should be considered in a potential liability situation.


Workers Compensation Claims

Workers Compensation Claim Form C-2: Workers Compensation Claim form C2: New York State compensation claims, relating to injuries incurred within the scope of one’s employment, should be promptly reported by all employers on a C‐2 form.


Disability Claims

Disability Claim form DB450: A DB450 form should be used to report claims for the lost time incurred by employees due to a medical condition not related to their employment.


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