Strategic Consultative Solutions

Insurance Brokers today are too focused on the pricing, placement and servicing of insurance policies. These are all important functions, but they are the minimum we can do for our clients. At SCS we follow a more proactive model Strategic Consultative Solutions that addresses, prevents and mitigates risks by designing solutions that are unique to your business. 




At SCS Insurance we have a proven process that proactively engages risk & helps minimize the effects of a loss once it occurs. The model that our process revolves around is:




It is through this process that we are able to identify and prioritize exposures that may exist in your business.  These exposures both direct and indirect will have an impact on the most important areas of your business model; Customers, Operations and Profits. This is accomplished through the SCS team working with your management to understand both your operations and goals. 


Our aim is simple to reduce insurance claims in your business and make your business best in class in your industry. By doing this we can secure the most competitive insurance rates for your business and truly control the costs of your insurance program.